Help Crack the Brain's Code

The human brain is staggeringly complex, and Australian neuroscientists and psychologists have a long and distinguished record of achievement in unravelling its mysteries and creating new applications and technologies.

Australia - we can Crack the Brain's Code and revolutionise our healthcare and education system, and advance our knowledge and understanding of how to protect and develop the brain, including advancing cutting-edge Australian neurotechnologies inspired by the brain.

We have the right people to crack the brain’s code, but we need your support by becoming a Brain Champion.

What's involved

We need to send our politicians in Canberra a clear message – Australians want to crack the brain’s code.

To help us, all you have to do is become a Brain Champion.


How do you become a Brain Champion?

Enter your details below and we will send a letter to your federal Member of Parliament and Senators, telling them that you support Australian brain research.

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What we can change

Advanced Technologies

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Our aim is to establish an Australian Brain Initiative that will create advanced scientific understanding of how our brains grow healthily, providing opportunity to identify novel avenues to protect the brain. This will include advancement of knowledge, and industries in neurotechnology, developing treatments for debilitating brain disorders, and producing high-impact transdisciplinary collaborations that will increase our understanding of the brain.

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Dear Member for Your electorate, Name of MP,

As my local representative in the Federal Parliament, I want you to know I support the campaign for the Australian Brain Initiative.

The Australian Brain Initiative will develop treatments for debilitating brain disorders, create next generation medical and wearable neurotechnologies, and produce high-impact science that will increase our understanding of the brain.

This can only be achieved if Australia invests in Cracking the Brain’s Code. 

If we fail to make a strategic national investment in brain science, Australia will fall behind while the rest of the world takes advantage of the medical, commercial, educational and technological advances.

You can find out more on the Australian Brain Alliance website.

The Australian Brain Initiative will:

  • Make major advances in understanding healthy brain function.
  • Create next generation medical and wearable neurotechnologies
  • Drive transformative advances in brain-inspired computing
  • Identify causes and develop new treatments for debilitating brain disorders like Alzheimer’s disease, epilepsy and motor neuron disease.
  • Build networks of world-leading brain scientists with the capacity to unlock the mysteries of the brain and create social, health and economic benefits for all Australians.

As my local representative, I’m asking you to show your support for the Australian Brain Initiative by becoming a Brain Champion, like me.

Your name,
Brain Champion

Thank you

Thank you for supporting the advancement of Brain Science in Australia. Together we’ll make something wonderful. We’ll keep you informed on the progress of this campaign.