The Australian Brain Alliance

Our aim is to establish an Australian Brain Initiative that will generate and harness new knowledge and discovery, enabling us to understand how to both build and protect the brain. An integral part will be establshing a supportive sustainable pathway for our brain scientists in Australia. Through this we will create advanced industries in neurotechnology, develop treatments for debilitating brain disorders, and produce high-impact transdisciplinary collaborations that will increase our understanding of the brain.

Our Mission

Understanding the human brain is one of the greatest challenges of our time and we are on the cusp of a revolution in brain sciences.

Accelerated advances in neuroscience and technology is allowing researchers to understand, modify and interface with the brain in unprecedented ways; enabling the treatment of devastating brain disorders, enrich education and learning, and facilitate the development of neuroscience and technological industries.

Other international brain initiatives are tackling the fundamental and momentus challenge of mapping the trillions of connections in the brain. To complement this effort, Australia has an opportunity to focus on understanding brain function; cracking the brain’s code through cutting-edge research, new partnerships between academia and industry and the translation of this new knowledge to schools, hospitals and Australian workplaces. Education and training will drive discovery and application.

Just an example – Australia also leads the world in neuroprosthetics – the technology that links the brain to devices. We are now in a position to lead revolutionary high-tech industries based on neurotechnology.

New brain-machine interfaces as well as stimulating and recording devices are using information about the brain to produce smarter, implantable and wearable devices that can relieve pain, restore sensory and motor function, treat debilitating brain disorders such as Parkinson’s disease and drive genuine progress for the delivery of highly personalised mental health care.

The Australian Brain Initiative will:

  • Make major advances in understanding healthy, optimal brain function.
  • Create advanced industries based on this unique understanding of the brain.
  • Identify causes and develop novel treatments for debilitating brain disorders.
  • Produce sustainable, collaborative networks of frontline brain researchers with the capacity to unlock the mysteries of the brain and ensure the social, health and economic benefit of all Australians.


We need your help to crack the brain's code

Brain Science

Our brains are impossibly complex biological machines.

Brain science is the ongoing endeavour to understand the trillions of connections and linkages of the billions of neurons within the brain. We have made enormous progress through the years in imaging, recording and stimulating brain activity, so as to understand its function and how it controls our thoughts, movements, our very lives.

But it’s just the tip of the iceberg.


As we improve our understanding of the brain, we can develop ways to stimulate, mimic and augment its functions.

These neurotechnology approaches encompass tools that can map and image the brain with high precision and resolution, instruments to read and monitor brain activity, devices to tweak the signals firing between neurons, to develop techniques that can help with injuries or integrate prosthetics, or to enhance brain function.


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Fact Sheets

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Thank you

Thank you for supporting the advancement of Brain Science in Australia. Together we’ll make something wonderful. We’ll keep you informed on the progress of this campaign.